7 Special features of ShortURLs.Link link shortener

Mohammadkia Published on September 09, 2022

Increase interaction by giving each URL you share a unique look.

Getting started using short links

Short links act as a conduit between you and your consumers and turn every URL you publish into a potent marketing tool. They're a great deal simpler to remember and can increase traffic to your content significantly.

This is furthered by the ShortURLs.Link service, which offers best-in-class capabilities that the majority of link shortening services lack together with robust statistics that let you monitor and improve your online presence.

How do link shorteners function?

In order for link shortening services to function, long, convoluted URLs must be converted into shorter, more readable, trackable URLs. When users click the shorter version, they are taken to the destination URL.

How may short links be personalized on the ShortURLs.Link dashboard?

All links can be controlled and personalized from the dashboard of ShortURLs.Link. Numerous features, such as, are used to organize and filter the ShortURLs.Link dashboard.

  • link shortener with sophisticated features,
  • analytics graphing most recent clicks,
  • quantity of links,
  • amount of clicks,
  • brief links recently published, and
  • recently occurring.

How may a new short link be made on the ShortURLs.Link website?

  1. In the dashboard's "shortening area," you can paste your lengthy URL.
  2. Then select "shorten" from the menu.
  3. Your short link will then be created using a
  • specific QR code,
  • alternatives for sharing on social media, and
  • Your default domain will be used for domain truncation.

What choices or features are available in the advanced link shortening configuration on ShortURLs.Link?

There are numerous possibilities for URL customization and alteration with quick access in the link shortening advanced configuration of ShortURLs.Link.

Among the advanced options are:

  • Personal Domain,
  • Types of Redirection,
  • Unique Aliases,

You can enter a custom alias using the advanced option if you require one.

  • password security,

  You can limit who has access to the link by including a password.

  • expiration of links
  • Description,

Descriptions are a useful tool for locating URLs in your account.

  • Meta-Tags,
  • Geo-Targeting,
  • Targeting of Devices,
  • targeting languages,
  • & pixels
  • Parameters.

How can I change or edit just one link?

Each link's attributes can be changed, including:

  • view the stats
  • data export,
  • Archive,
  • stats reset,
  • Having public,
  • A private setting
  • modify, and
  • Delete at any time, whether the sentence is still being abbreviated or not.

For instance, even after a URL has been shortened, you can change the domain, redirections, expiration, or anything else you choose.

How can you take a link off your list?

Follow a link, select it by clicking the three dots, and then select the delete option from the drop-down menu.

Warning⚠️: Use caution as removed links cannot be reinstated.

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