How can I easily and without constraints add a lot of personal information to the biography area of social networks, such as numerous links and contact details?

Mohammadkia Published on September 17, 2022

One of the problems that users have in social networks. The shortness of the biographical section is the account's Bio Link. For example, you cannot use more than one link in your profile information or write more than a few lines. Can't use many photos and can't post other social networks.

Bio Link On Social Profile

Some users find this restriction to be quite bothersome because their social media page serves as a CV, a representation of their accomplishments, and their best online representation. Many businesses and organizations are prepared to commit their initiatives to people that they have hired or contacted based on their profiles.

Businesses themselves struggle with having lengthy and comprehensive profiles and being unable to post an exhaustive list of their activity on official social media accounts.

Around the world, a large number of businesses and programmers have introduced services to get rid of the restrictions placed on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter's bio sections. services that attempt to provide consumers additional features beyond what can be found in social network accounts and bios.

We may single out the free ShortURLs.Link service as one of these services. Each user of this service receives a personalized page where they may add as much data as they need, including links, images, contact methods, and other details. They can then utilize the special link to this page in their social network profiles and biographies.

On the ShortURLs.Link service, customers may also have a lot of pages and special links. You may add helpful connections to the dedicated page, such as a Google Maps map, a Wiz map, the addresses of many social networks, a Telegram bot, a site URL, a project address, and more. Users are also given the option to respond to pertinent questions or a link to download the entire résumé.

By allowing users to connect to a page of your links, information, photographs, and other social networks in this case, you are no longer restricted to a link or a few awkward and brief lines of description on Twitter or Instagram.

Attractive graphical user interface

How you present this information on your specific ShortURLs.Link service page is crucial. This page's design was chosen to maximize its impact and visual appeal on mobile devices. Everything is in its proper place, which encourages everyone to bookmark this page.

It costs nothing to sign up for the ShortURLs.Link service; all you need is a dedicated link. ShortURLs.Link service is not like this and only in exchange for the free service it gives you; The designer's name is written at the bottom of many similar services. These services also have limitations on the use of text information, photos, and links, and after a while you have to pay their annual subscription fee, which is frequently the same dollar.

In any event, if the social network's biography restriction concerns you, give this service a try and evaluate its merits vs those of other services of a similar nature.

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