What is a link shortener? What is the best link shortening service?

Mohammadkia Published on September 16, 2022

You must have experienced the situation where you wanted to share a link to a website or article with your friends or post it on social media, but the length of the link (what is a link?) was a barrier for you.

Particularly in the connections that contain Persian letters and characters, this issue gets worse. Since the link's unattractive and illegible look must be endured in addition to its length.

Online users have been utilizing shortened URLs for years due to this reason. In addition to the tutorial on link shortening, we will examine the following subjects in the remainder of this lesson as we talk about link shortening:

  1. the use of link shortening
  2. Providing some trustworthy link shorteners
  3. The distinction between low-cost and expensive link shortening services (paid)
  4. How can I shorten a link on my website without using any third-party services?
  5. Profiting from link shorteners (and its drawbacks)
  6. Tips for utilizing truncated links securely

Naturally, this method of providing the link is ugly, therefore our preferred method is to first turn it into a short and sweet URL before sending. Link shortening services reduce this lengthy URL to one like this:



Link shortening is rather easy when using link shortening providers. Visit any of them, and they will shorten your lengthy link before delivering it. Buts, ifs, and other intricacies exist, and by being aware of them, you may make greater use of these kinds of services.

What is the use of link shortening?

A shortened link is usually simpler and prettier. Therefore, if you want to send the link in the form of a message to someone or use it in social networks, it is reasonable to shorten the link.

But the issue is not only simplicity. If you want to do SMS marketing and send a link via SMS to your audience, it is very important to use fewer characters and using a shortened link can help you achieve this goal.

If you want to put a link to an article from your site or others in the bio link Instagram profile, you may think of link shorteners.

The links inserted inside the text (caption) on some social media platforms, such Instagram, are inactive. The URL must be viewed and typed again by so many individuals. Even if they use various methods to attempt to replicate the link, its length (and likely a few characters in the website URL) make it challenging.

You may use the shorter URL for this.

Additionally, the majority of link shortening providers offer you statistics information. For instance, they provide information on the number of clicks made or how the number of clicks has evolved over time.

In order to obtain click data, you can utilize link shortening tools (especially if you are not familiar with professional tools such as Google Analytics and Tag Manager).

Is it necessary to use link shortener everywhere?

It's difficult to shorten the link either.

The user route has extra processing because of the first issue. As a result of this processing and redirection, the time it takes to travel from one page to another will significantly lengthen (although this increase is usually insignificant).

The danger associated with using shorteners is that the service could not be accessible when the user clicks on the link.

Naturally, if you utilize trustworthy tools, such an issue often does not arise, and their Uptime is good. But in any event, you should be aware that the intermediate server must be operational and created in addition to the destination connection (your own website or any other website) (especially if you have used the short link for an advertising campaign and each clicks are important to you).


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